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New Orleans Post-Storm Assistance 2008

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This site was created to keep post-storm evacuees and people effected by major storms informed of up-to-date assistance. ( FEMA assistance, emergency websites and phone numbers ) We also will be covering on our blog, the latest improvements and developments regarding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast towards storm protection.

NOPSA would like to thank all the people who have helped us gather all this information.
We await the 2009 hurricane season. At that time we will update all new information regarding storm assistance.

Please check back for updates and new postings.
Thank you and welcome.

NOPSA Administrator,
Cynthia Chen

Corps: Water peaking at Lake Pontchartrain, provides area assessment post-storm

10:00 PM Fri, Sep 12, 2008 |
WWL-TV Newsroom

As of 8 p.m:

Water levels in Lake Pontchartrain are peaking at slightly less than six feet. Levels in Southeast Louisiana (including Industrial Canal, Breton Sound, and Grand Isle) are receding. South-central Louisiana levels are peaking (Lafourche, Terrebonne, eastern St. Mary). Water levels from Morgan City west are still rising. The federal flood protection system (Grand Isle notwithstanding) has not been compromised. No breaches or overtopping have been reported of federal levee systems. Many non-federal/back levees have been and are being overtopped.

St Tammany: Hwy 11 south of Schneider Canal is flooded and impassable; 5 mile bridge is also closed to thru traffic. Many roadways in Slidell are impassable. Hwy 90 has water to the Louisiana-Mississippi state line. Avery Estates and Palm Lake neighborhoods on the east side of Slidell are flooded. Madisonville streets are inundated resu! lting in numerous road closures below US Hwy 190 including Hwy 22. Shelter in Mandeville is open. Water is expected to rise to Rita levels. No mandatory evacuations.

St. Bernard: Louisiana National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter levee assessment mission complete; confirmed that non-federal levees experienced overtopping only, no breaches. Federal protection system held but non-federal protection has been overtopped; Hopedale, Shell Beach, and Yscloskey communities are flooded. Water level gauge at Bay Gardene south of Caernarvon shows water level is beginning to fall.

Plaquemines: National Guard Blackhawk Helicopter flyover, levee assessment mission complete; confirmed that non-federal levees experienced overtopping and scour only, no breaches. 143 Guardsmen are sandbagging Scarsdale scour site (50-feet wide, five-feet deep scour, 28,000 sandbags have been placed. National Guard has an additional 500,000 sandbags available at Jackson Barracks; 26,000 sand bags have! been deployed to the site. Water has crested and is receding. Active flood fights on both east and west banks. East bank communities of Braithwaite, Port Nichols, Scarsdale are threatened by flooding. Area has about 1000 homes. Plaquemines Parish has reported no home flooding. Caernarvon diversion structure opened to drain/backflow the protected area between river levee and back levee into the Mississippi River. Myrtle Grove back levee is overtopping.
Orleans/Jefferson: Levees are intact, no breaches or overtopping, pumps are fully functional. London Ave and 17th Street Canal outfall canal on Lake Pontchartrain as well as Harvey Canal Gate on Westbank of Jefferson are all closed.

IHNC: Current water elevation is eight feet. Flood walls are built to 12 feet. Water not expected to threaten walls. No ships/boats dislodged or adrift in canal.

Lafitte: Lower points on levees and interim protection were overtopped. Compromised areas were sandbagged. Citizens were evacuated.

Grand Isle: National Guard assets on site report water is beginning to recede. Island is currently cut off due to inundation of Hwy. 1 below Leeville. Military staged to respond as soon as water subsides. All temporary sand-levee work was destroyed. Several breaches have formed in original levee on east end of island. Gauges in Barataria Bay indicating peak surge was equal to or slightly higher than Gustav peak.

Lafourche: All areas below Golden Meadow floodgate are inundated.

Terrebonne: The Lashbrook pump station in Chauvin is undermined by hydraulic pressure from storm surge and is threatening to collapse; remedy is being contemplated. Flooding at all 5 major Parish bayous (i.e., Dularge, Pointe aux Chenes, Terrebonne, Petite Calliou, Grand Calliou). GOHSEP is providing 20 twenty-four inch pumps to dewater the Parish; pumps are en route. A majority of lower Terrebonne has been inundated. Ward 7 levee in Chauvin is now confirmed to have been overtopped; attempts are being made to isolate the system to! minimize additional flooding. Communities of Pointe Aux Chenes, Monte gut, Dulac, and Dularge, and portions of lower-Theriot are flooded. 10-to-12 inches of water on streets, main roads continue to be passable. Monitoring stations offshore of Timbalier Island are reporting surge heights approaching Gustav levels, with wave heights of 11 feet. Wind intensity and wave heights measured off Timbalier Island have leveled off.

St. Mary: Water is overtopping the Ivanhoe canal spoil bank. St. Mary Parish OEP Director, Duvall Arthur says water levels are peaking and will drop shortly, only to rise again between noon and 3:00 a.m. US Army Corps of Engineers is deploying three tractor-driven pumps to dewater the Hwy 317 levee area which was overtopped. US Army Corps of Engineers also proving 25,000 sandbags to the flood fighting effort. Bayou Sale levees (Hwy 317) west of Berwick are overtopped. Twenty-four inches of inundation in lower parish. Hwy 387 is closed.

Iberia: Delcambre: 20 percent of the community is now flooded with one foot of wat! er. Floodwaters are projected to continue to rise until 3:00AM. Local roads have two-three feet of water over the roadway. Residents are still in Delcambre and are resisting efforts to evacuate. Sheriff and Police Chief are returning hoping to convince residents to leave. Rescue units are on "stand-by". 105 people are in shelter of last resort in New Iberia. National Guard is monitoring the roads from Gueydan east and will continue to provide updates. Hayes Road and Railroad Road southwest of New Iberia are inundated with one foot of water and are impassable to civilian traffic. Areas south of Hwy 90 and East of 675 are evacuated. Assets in place should further evacuations be necessary.

Vermilion: All locks/floodgates are closed and undamaged, as are levees. Significant flooding on Hwy 82 and arteries off Hwys 330, 685, and 688. Chevron building in Intracoastal City is flooded. Water on road at Avery Island bridge. Sheriff reported all residents of Pecan Island, For! ked Island, and Intracoastal City have evacuated. Water levels 5 feet above normal. All assets are on standby.

Calcasieu: Calcasieu locks all closed, expected to reopen 8:00 a.m. Sunday. Louisiana National Guard assets in place.

Cameron: Two feet of water over Hwy 27 up to north of Hackberry. National Guard rescued a motorist who was stranded in vehicle. National Guard also rescued 8-year old boy to his father in Hackberry, mother would not leave house in Cameron. Hwy 82 to Texas line (including Cameron Court House) and Hwy 27 along coast are inundated with up to five feet of water. National Guard has high water vehicles and boats in place for assistance with evacuations. Parish EOC moved to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.


Jindal issues state emergency for Ike; writes to President

1:24 PM Sun, Sep 07, 2008 |
Chad Bower

Governor Bobby Jindal issued a declaration of a state of emergency in Louisiana Sunday in preparation for Hurricane Ike.

He also wrote a letter to President Bush asking for a Pre-Landfall Federal Disaster Declaration, saying that the prospect of Ike's landfall could be so severe that the state would not have the resources to respond.

"I anticipate that the effects of the storm will overwhelm the capability of state resources and it is necessary that critical pre-positioning and other readiness requirements be provided through federal assistance," Jindal said in the letter.

The state of emergency extends from Sep. 6 to Oct. 5, unless terminated sooner.

Orleans added to Blue Roof program

5:32 PM Tue, Sep 09, 2008 |
Tom Planchet

Orleans Parish has been added to the Blue Roof program.

Residents can call a toll-free telephone number, 1-888-Roof-Blu (1-888-766-3258), to find out the location of the Blue Roof Right of Entry collection sites in their parish.

A temporary Blue Roof is generally good for 30 days.

The program is open to those who qualify, as follows:

1. Have a photo ID such as driver's license or proof of residency at the location.
2. Know the kind of roof you have. Structures with flat roofs and tile roofs consisting of clay, slate or asbestos (transite) do not qualify. Mobile homes and roofs consisting of metal will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
3. The roof must have less than fifty percent structural damage to be eligible for the program.
4. The structure must be assessed as habitable once the blue roof is installed.
5. All debris must be removed from the roof for it to qualify.
6. The applicant has to sign a right-of-entry form.

The program is run by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisiana Recovery Field Office, in Baton Rouge, as assigned by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA coordinates the federal government's role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of, responding to, and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or man-made, including acts of terror.


or if you have computer access,

9/3/08 FEMA announced it would assist evacuees with hotel/motel shelter expenses and emergency housing, housing repair and other pre-qualified financial assistance for issues related to the storm. You must call FEMA and get a PRE-REGISTERED NUMBER and submit it to hotel/motel.
Click here for participating hotels/motels:
Please be kind and courteous to your hotel/motel staff as this assures continued assistance after future storms!
FEMA procedures are different this year, please follow directions.
If you registered with FEMA in 2005, you need to RE-REGISTER
and get a NEW number.
When contacting FEMA, please be ready with:
Name, address, and social security number.
For house repairs, a FEMA inspector will come out to
your location and assess the damage.
Only one person per household may call for FEMA assistance.
Save all reciepts incurred since evacuation.
If your house is damaged and uninhabitable, you may
qualify for assistance to rent another place in which to live
temporarily until your home is repaired.
Get more details from a FEMA representative.
Also, • Crisis counseling for those traumatized by the disaster; income tax assistance for filing casualty losses; advisory assistance for legal, veterans benefits and social security matters.
FEMA now has a 24- hour help line available as of 9/3/08.
Phone lines are very busy, you might want to try calling
at off-peak hours.
Useful site:
(click on " Disaster Assistance " for emergency food stamps application )
Power Outages: (800) 9- OUTAGE ( Entergy number for specific outages )

Louisiana State Emergency Line: (866) 288-2484

Family locator: (800) 588-9822 & (800) 957-1601

AMERICAN RED CROSS: (800) 957-1601

Road Closures:

( comprehensive weather tracking )


Orleans: 311; Web site

Jefferson: 504.736.8701 or 504-736.6100, Web site

St.Bernard: (call FEMA 1.800.621.FEMA); Web site

St. Charles: 985.783.5050, Web site

St. John the Baptist: 985.652.9569, Web site

St. Tammany: 985.809.2300, Web site

Plaquemines: 504.247.2477, Web site

Lafourche: 985.537.7603, Web site

Terrebonne: 985.873.6357, Web site

Tangipahoa: 985.748.3211.

We hope that those people who were

inundated by the storm will recover

soon and have safe passage

 where ever they may go. We want

 you to know that you are in our

 thoughts and prayers and that

we will continue our relief efforts.


For those of you who registered pets with the city program,
you can contact the Louisiana SPCA at (504)368-5191
to retrieve your loved ones.

Assisted resident return home Friday in Jeff

6:28 PM Thu, Sep 04, 2008 |
WWL-TV Newsroom

Jefferson Parish residents and their pets that used publicly assisted evacuation services will begin to returning to the parish tomorrow Friday, September 5, 2008 at 7 a.m.

The first returnees will be those who were flown out of the parish to safe shelters. They will be flown back to Louis Armstrong International Airport and bused from there to a processing center being set up at the AMC Theater parking lot on Elmwood Parkway across from the Joseph S. Yenni parish office building in Elmwood.

Those who evacuated with pets will be provided information on how to reclaim their pets; which are being returned to the parish on separate transports to the parish animal shelter where they will be cared for until reclaimed by their owners.

Emergency Medical Services will be on hand and the Jefferson Sheriff's Office and National Guard will provide security at the processing points.

Regular RTA transportation service will resume Monday 9/9/08. All bus routes and streetcar service on the St. Charles and Riverfront lines will operate on their normal weekday schedules, beginning early Monday morning. Buses will be operating on the Canal streetcar line.

RTA Update ~ Evacuees will Receive Transportation Assistance in Getting Back to Their Homes

RTA will be closed Thursday, September 4.

On Friday, September 5 and Saturday, September 6, RTA will work closely with the City to bring evacuees back to their neighborhoods.

The City Assisted Evacuation Plan (CAEP) is a program designed to help people who have no means of evacuating, or coming back to the City, on their own. RTA evacuated nearly 10,000 individuals from 17 pickup points to the Union Passenger Terminal (UPT) and expects to bring back as many to the pickup points.

Forty RTA buses will be utilized in the City CAEP.

Returning individuals will arrive at UPT in New Orleans by buses provided by the State and trains from the out-of-town safe shelters where they evacuated. When individuals arrive at UPT, they will be grouped by sections of the City where they reside. From these groups, individuals will be transported to the locations are listed below:

Senior Center Locations:

Arthur Monday Senior Citizens Center, 1111 Newton St., Algiers
Kingsley House, 1600 Constance Street, Lower Garden District
Central City Senior Center, 2020 Philip Street, Central City
Mater Dolorosa, 1226 S. Carrollto Ave., Carrollton

General Population:

Sanchez Center, Caffin Ave. at Claiborne Ave., Lower 9th Ward
Eleanor McMain Magnet Secondary School, 5712 S. Claiborne Ave, Broadmoor
Warren Easton Fundamental High School, 3019 Canal St., Mid-City
Palmer Park, S. Claiborne and S. Carrollton, West Carrollton
Lyons Community Center, 624 Louisiana Ave., Irish Channel
Dryades YMCA, 1924 Philip Street, Central City
Municipal Auditorium, 801 N. Rampart, 7th Ward
Stallings Community Center, 4300 St. Claude, Bywater
O. Perry Walker High School, 2832 Gen. Meyer Ave., Algiers
Smith Library Bus Stop, 6300 Canal Blvd., Lakeview
Gentilly Mall Parking Lot, Chef Menteur and Press Dr., Gentilly
Walgreen’s, Lake Forest and Read Blvd., New Orleans East
Mary Queen of Vietnam, 14001 Dwyer, New Orleans East

RTA will inform the public when regular service can be reinstated.



-- Bi-weekly garbage collection in New Orleans is scheduled to resume today.

-- Public works departments and private garbage haulers across New Orleans are already clearing streets littered with tree limbs, marquees, light poles and power lines.

-- The city's 311 hotline was fully functional for residents to report downed trees, traffic lights and streetlamps.

-- SDT waste trucks were out cleaning up debris and sweeping streets in the French Quarter
Tuesday morning.


-- Crews began clearing debris Monday evening, and all roads inside the levee protection system were passable.

-- Returning residents should place any extra debris on their curbs for crews to pick up later.


-- Garbage service in Kenner will resume Friday for those residences that are regularly scheduled for that day of the week. All other residents can put their garbage on the curb Sunday night to be collected Monday.

-- All major streets have been cleared of fallen trees and debris. Crews have been working since early Tuesday to restore streetlights.

-- Removal of storm debris is on hold until next week


-- Coastal Waste will resume garbage pickup Friday.

-- Residents are asked to pile downed tree limbs and debris at curbside but to keep waste out of the ditches. Residents are asked not to burn the debris.

-- Trash containers are locatred at Willowdale Diversion, Paul Maiullard Road and River Road, St. Mark's Church on River Road in Ama, Apple and River Road in Norco, Charlestowne Drive and River Road in St. Rose, WPA Road and Longview in Des Allemands.


-- Coastal Waste Services will begin picking up household waste only, no storm debris, in the city of Covington on Thursday.

-- Pickup of hurricane debris in the unincorporated areas of St. Tammany will not begin until next week. The parish will release a debris pickup schedule.

-- All major thoroughfares in Slidell appeared clear Tuesday.

Stay with for more updates.

-- The Coast Guard will reopen the river after the Corps of Engineers inspects the river for storm-related shoaling and hazards to navigation - a category that includes any remaining run-away ships or barges floating free in the river.

--The corps will send two survey vessels to check Southwest Pass for any storm-triggered shoaling in the river that could impact traffic.

-- The Corps' big dredge will be returned from Baton Rouge to its home port in New Orleans and that trip will help crews assess navigational hazards.

More Info:



The following Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of New Orleans will not reopen Monday, September 8. All other schools will be open and faculty and staff should report as normal.

Mount Carmel Academy
St. Leo the Great
St. Joan of Arc - will reopen Tuesday

St. Agnes, Jefferson
St. Catherine of Siena, Metairie - will reopen Tuesday

Ascension of Our Lord, LaPlace
Our Lady of Grace, Reserve
St. Charles Catholic, LaPlace
St. Joan of Arc, LaPlace
St. Peter, Reserve

For more information, parents may call 1-866-346-2617.

Re-openings sent in to WWL-TV ( from )

03:37 PM CDT on Thursday, September 4, 2008

List of re-openings sent to


-Delgado is slated to resume class on Monday, Sept. 8

-ITT in St. Rose will resume on Monday, Sept. 8

-Grambling will resume Thursday, Sept. 4

-Louisiana-Lafayette will resume Thursday, Sept. 4

-Louisiana-Monroe will resume Thursday, Sept. 4

-Louisiana Technical College, Monday, Sept. 8

-Louisiana Tech, Thursday, Sept. 4

-Loyola University will resume classes on Monday, Sept. 8

-LSU will resume classes on Monday, Sept. 8

-McNeese State will resume Thursday, Sept. 4.

-Nicholls State University closed until at least Monday, Sept. 8

-Northwestern State will reopen Monday, Sept. 8

-Nunez Community College will resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Our Lady of Holy Cross will resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Southeastern is closed until at least Monday, Sept. 8

-Tulane will resume Monday, Sept. 8

-UNO will resume Monday, Sept. 8

-University of Phoenix is closed until further notice.


-All Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New Orleans will resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Algiers Charter Schools to resume Wednesday, Sept. 10

-Assumption Parish Schools are closed until further notice

-Audubon Charter School to resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Belle Chasse Primary, Middle, High and Phoenix High to resume Monday, Sept. 8.

-Ben Franklin will resume classes Monday, Sept. 8

-Bootheville-Venice Elementary is pending on the return of electricity.

-Calvary Baptist in Algiers will resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Charlotte Webb Preschool in Slidell will resume Thursday, Sept. 4

-Isidore Newman to resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Jefferson Parish public schools to resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Kehoe France in Metairie and Covington to resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Louise S. McGehee School will reopen Monday, Sept. 8

-All Lusher Charter campuses will reopen Monday, Sept. 8

-Mount Hermon School in Washington Parish will resume classes Monday, Sept. 8

-Orleans public schools to resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Picayune schools to resume Wednesday, Sept. 2

-RSD Schools scheduled to resume Monday, Sept. 8

-Salem Lutheran, Gretna, Monday, Sept. 8

-S. Plaquemines High is pending on the return of electricity.

-St. Charles Parish public schools will reopen Wednesday, Sept. 10. Central Office personnel, school-based administrators, school office specialists and cafeteria managers report to work Monday, while custodians report to the Central Office at 7:30 a.m. Monday.

-St. Charles Borromeo Catholic in Picayune, Miss. will resume on Wednesday, Sept. 3

-St. James public schools to resume Monday, Sept. 8

-St. John Lutheran School to reopen Monday, Sept. 8

-St. Paul's Episcopal, Monday, Sept. 8

-St. Tammany public schools to resume Monday, Sept. 8; Administrators, custodians and maintenance crews to report Thursday, Sept. 4

-UNO Charter Schools, Sept. 8

-Washington Parish schools to resume Thursday, Sept. 4

-Woodmere Day Care will resume Monday, Sept. 8 at 6:30 a.m.

Medical Facilities:

-The Care Center (for psychiatric services) in Belle Chasse opened Thursday, Sept. 4 at 1 p.m. Residents can call 504-390-74704 for more information.

-Children's Hospital will resume normal operations Friday, Sept. 5

-Lallie Kemp Regional Medical Center in Tangipahoa Parish is currently offering 24-hour emergency services. Clinic services will resume beginning Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

-LSU Interim Hospital is cancelling all clinics and elective surgeries for the rest of the week.

-LSU Healthcare Network will open for general care services at the East Jefferson clinic location from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, Sept., 5 and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 6.

-Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center Locations in Baton Rouge, Hammond, and Covington will by closed Wednesday. Once phones are restored, updates will be recorded at 888-616-4687

-Ochsner Urgent Care Clinic on Jefferson Highway will be open Wednesday from 1 to 5 p.m. for general pediatric, primary care and general OB services. Walk-ins are welcome. All other South Shore clinics remain closed.

-Ochsner Health Centers in Covington, Slidell, Abita Springs are open. The Oschner in Hammond is open for urgent/primary care needs, but no emergency services are available. Ochsner Women and Children's Health Center on the 3rd floor of Lakeview Regional Medical Center in the Covington area is open.

-Plaquemines Medical Center in Port Sulphur will open Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

-Tulane Medical Center and Tulane-Lakeside Hospital are both opened for emergency visits only, clinics to open tentatively Monday, Sept. 8

-Washington Parish hospitals are open

-New Orleans VA Hospitals administrative and clinical sites as well as the Houma, Slidell, St. John and Hammond clinics and the Mandeville dental clinic will open at the earliest on Monday,


-1st parish court in Jefferson Parish will open Monday at 8:30 a.m.

-24th judicial district court in Gretna will open Monday, Sept. 8.

-Jefferson Parish 1st and 2nd courts, Juvenile courts, as well as the DA's office and Clerk of Court's office will reopen Monday, Sept. 8.


People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

CALL 311 to register for Evacuation Preparedness Program

To apply for emergency disaster EBT food stamp card: ( new locations indoors )
( centers open at 8:00 a.m. )
Food Stamp Help

People in need of food stamp assistance have several places they can go to register for help.

Orleans Parish: New Orleans Convention Center

Jefferson Parish: Alario Center 2000 Segnette Blvd.

Lafourche Parish: Larose-Cut Off Jr. High 13356 West Main (Hwy 1)

Plaquemines Parish: St. Patrick's Family Life Center 28698 Hwy 23

St. James Parish: Westbank Reception Center 2455 Hwy 18, Vacherie

St. John Parish: Site to open Wednesday

St. Tammany Parish: Castine Center 63350 Pelican Blvd., Mandeville

Tangipahoa Parish: Amite Community Center 212 E. Oak St.

African American Heritage Museum 1600 Phoenix St.,Hammond

You can also get disaster recovery assistance info at


The Salvation Army has begun serving hot meals, snacks, and cold water to residents in Orleans, Jefferson, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St, Mary, and St. Martin Parishes. Over 8,000 meals were served to residents of New Orleans and south Louisiana on Wednesday by The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army currently has 14 Mobile feeding units serving meals in New Orleans, La. and areas south. The following is a list of the mobile feeding sites and their current locations. This list is subject to change. Disaster Relief information may also be found on the internet at

If you have any questions, please call Mark Jones at (404) 397-5106 or (601) 214-1545.


Superdome Lunch, Dinner, Water, Prayer

Convention Center Lunch, Dinner, Water, Prayer

Lakeside Shop. Ctr. Lunch, Dinner, Water, Prayer

Williams Blvd North of I-10 Lunch, Dinner, Water, Prayer
(TJ Maxx Shopping Center)

St. Bernard Parish Lunch, Dinner, Water, Prayer
Judge Perez@Paris

Palmer Park Hydration: Water, Cold Drinks

Warren Easton High Hydration: Water, Cold Drinks
3019 Canal Street

O. Perry Walker High Sch. Hydration: Water, Cold Drinks
2832 General Meyer

Municipal Auditorium Hydration: Water, Cold Drinks
801 N. Rampart

Gentilly Mall Hydration: Water, Cold Drinks
Chef Menteur& Press Drive

Canteens are also available in Baton Rouge, Houma, Morgan City, Franklin, and Grand Isle.

Dry ice available 24 hours
5346 Laplaco Boulevard, Marrero,LA


Shelter locations include:

• St. Charles Parish: Landry High School, 108 Tiger Circle, Hahnville.

For a complete listing of shelters, call 2-1-1 or 1-866-GET-INFO.

The Red Cross has established five kitchens in the Greater New Orleans Area and Bayou Region that will support mobile feeding trucks and distribution points.

Lunch and dinner are available today at:

• Orleans: Lower 9th Ward - Sanchez

• St. Bernard Parish: Hopedale Reggio Junction

• Jefferson Parish: Lafayette and Ashton in Gretna; Destrehan and LaPalco Blvd. parking lot

• St. Tammany Parish: Mobile feeding throughout hardest hit area

• St. Charles Parish: Landry High School, 180 Tiger Circle in Hahnville

• Plaquemines Parish: Assumption Catholic Church in Braithwaite

Second Harvest Food Bank

1201 Sams Ave.

New Orleans, LA.70123

(504) 734-1322


Here are some commodities distribution sites in metro area.

• Alario Center at 2000 Segnette Blvd., in Westwego
• West Bridge Park in Luling on River Road and Interstate 310
• Belle Chasse Auditorium, 8398 Louisiana 23. Tarps, bottled water and MREs.
• St. Patrick's Church, 28698 Louisiana 23, Port Sulphur. Tarps, bottled water, MREs.
• Assumption Catholic Church, 6951 Louisiana 39, Braithwaite. Tarps, water, MREs.
• Iberville Parish Multipurpose Center, 61755 Bayou Road in Plaquemine

Other locations around the state:

• Crowley: G&H Warehouse 1110 W. Mill Street Rayne: Rayne Fire Department 216 S. Adams
• Oberlin: 215 West 5th Ave
• Gonzales: Lamar Dixon Center 9039 St. Landry Road
• Napoleonville: Lucky Hit Shopping Center 260 Spur Road Avoyelles Marksville: Parking Lot on E. Alton
• Baker: Walmart 14507 Plank Road
• Baton Rouge: Walmart 10606 N. Mall Drive Evangeline Ville Platte: 627 West Lincoln Rd
• Wisner: Central Baptist Church, 3618 Hwy 875 Grant Dry Prong: Grant High School 17779 Hwy 167
• Jeanerette: Le Maire Memorial Airport Jeanerette: 101 Main Street New Iberia: 1202 E. Admiral Doyle
• New Iberia: Acadiana Regional Airport, 1404 Hanger Drive Iberville
• Matthews: 4876 Hwy 1 (located adjacent to the new Wal-Mart.)
• Raceland: Soccer Field - Raceland Rec Center Livingston Parish Exit 22 South of I12-Building immediately at foot of exit
• Livingston: Colyell Baptist Church - Exit 22 French Settlement: French Settlement Townhall-Off of Hwy 16 Natchitoches Parish
• Natchitoches: 200 Church Street Rapides Parish Alexandria: Sheriff Dept. Warehouse - 435 John Allison Dr. (off Hwy 28W behind Coca-Cola plant)
• Greensburg: 17911 Hwy 43N
• Eunice: Shelter @ NW Community Ctr. 501 Samuel Drive Opelousas: Donald Garner Stadium (2 miles W of I-49 and Hwy 182)
• Opelousas: Central Fire Station 1334 S. Union Street St. Martin
• Breaux Bridge: Park Hardy 1290 Rees Street
• Henderson: Henerdson Town Park 1015 Park Road St.
• Martinville: Magnolia Park 100 Northside Park Drive
• Pierre Park: Belle River Fire Station 1207 A Hwy 70
• Morgan City: Stephenville Fire Station 1227 Stephenville Road
• Franklin: Patterson Civic Center 116 Cotton Rd.
• Morgan City: Morgan City Auditorium, 725 Myrtle Street Terrebonne Parish
• Houma: Behind the Civic Center at 346, Civic Blvd. Vernon Parish
• Pitkin: Pitkin High School 13496 Highway 10
• Port Allen: Courthouse, 850 8th Street

Click here for the latest state information or call the state's emergency hotline at 1-866-288-2484 to listen to a recorded message with the most up-to-date information.

Skelly Stadium --- provisions and shelter

N.O. Main Library --- provisions

Joe Brown Park --- provisions



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Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Phone: (504) 208-4395