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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring assistance and hope to those New Orleans musicians that were so suddenly torn away from their homes and livelihoods.
Many New Orleans musicians have given so much to the music industry and to the world.
In the birthplace of Jazz and Blues was born a unique and unforgettable sound......the sound of music coming from the very souls of New Orleans musicians, an irresistable feeling that only occurs when you listen to music from New Orleans.
Now some of these musicians are destitute and need our help.
Every little bit helps....
We promise to deliver your donations to the musicians that need it the most through partnered 501(c)(3) not for profit help organizations.
We thank you for the donations that have been given so far, and we look forward to helping the New Orleans music community in any way we can.

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New Orleans Musicians Relief Effort 443 19th Ave. San Francisco, CA. 94121


New Orleans and it's musicians have contributed so much to the world,
that we wanted to do something to give back.